How to Prevent Termites from Infesting Your Home 

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Winter is cold and not a lot of people love such a season. Everyone is looking forward to spring, although there’s more there is to it than longer daylight, flowers abloom, and children wandering outdoors. Spring is also that time of the year when flying termites spread out of their colonies.

Prevent Termites

Termites make homes vulnerable to damage and costly repairs. They can eat your home out and you won’t know it until your foundations are shaky or the load-bearing walls show significant damage. They can chew on every wood, including your floors and wallpaper. To prevent termites from infesting your home, here are some tips for you to follow:

    1. Check for moisture.

Termites are like many other organisms that thrive in moisture. This is why you have to remove or at least reduce when you detect it. Without moisture, there won’t be any termites or mold. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

    1. Check for leaks. 

To further make sure that there won’t be any moisture in your home, you must make sure that all faucets and water pipes are leak-free. You also have to check your exterior air conditioning units and make sure that they’re working well.

    1. Check the soffits, fascia, and roof shingles for signs of rotting.

If any of the roof shingles, fascia, and soffits is rotting, it may be caused by termites so you have to be sure. Sometimes, it rots due to water and moisture but you can never be sure. You have to replace rotting wood immediately because it’s the favorite breeding ground of termites.

    1. Check your home’s foundation. 

Make sure that your home’s structural foundation is in tiptop shape. If you have to replace the weather stripping of foundations if you think that it’s no longer functioning well. Routine inspection is necessary.  For starters, there shouldn’t be any signs of mud tubes, bubbling paint, and hollow wood. If you notice any of these, then you house’s foundation may have been compromised

    1. Check the splash blocks, downspouts, and gutters. 

To effectively divert water away from your house, you have to ensure that all splash blocks, downspouts, and gutters are working flawlessly. Again, moisture is a component that you have to eliminate from the equation.

  1. Check the condition of wood in the interior and exterior areas of your home. 

There are many parts of your home that’s made of wood and you have to take note of all of them. The most common ones are door or windows frames and skirting boards. Make sure that there are no noticeable changes in these areas.

These are some of the tips that would ensure that your home is termite-free at all times. To be certain, you have to schedule for an annual termite inspection Yuba City CA. Remember that keeping your home termite-free is your responsibility. Your home insurance policy is not likely to cover damages caused by termites. Hire certified termite control companies to keep your home in its best condition for a long time.

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